Book Chapters


Urban social protection and food systems

Authors: Haysom, G. and Fuseini, I

Book: Food and Nutrition Security in Southern African Cities

African legumes: Nutritional and health-promoting attributes

Authors: Duodu, K.G. and Apea-Bah, F.B

Book: Woodhead Publishing, Elsevier Ltd. pp. 223-269.

Development of an Interdisciplinary School-Based Intervention to Address Food and Nutrition- Related Needs in Poor Communities in South Africa

Authors: Ferreira et al

Book: Oxford: African Books Collective. pp. 89-128.

A Practical Guide to Doing Community Oriented Primary Care

Authors: Tessa Marcus


Starch: Nutritional and Health aspects, in ‘Carbohydrate in Foods

Authors: Emmambux, M.N. and Taylor, J.R.N., 2016

Book: CRC Press

Effects of extrusion cooking and wheat bran addition on the nutritional and functional properties of cassava-defatted toasted soy composite

Authors: Oladiran, D.A., Emmambux, M.N. and Minnaar, A., 2016

Book: Starch - Stärke Volume 69, Issue 7-8

Effects of micronisation and dehulling of pre-soaked bambara groundnut seeds on microstructure and functionality of the resulting flours

Authors: Effects of micronisation and

Book: Food Chemistry

Impact of research or research on impact: more than a matter of order of words and sequence

Book: Impact of Information Society Research in the Global South, Springer, London (283-291).

Starch: Nutritional and Health aspects in Carbohydrates in Foods.

Authors: Emmambux, M.N. and Taylor, J.R.N (2015)

Book: Starch: Nutritional and Health aspects in Carbohydrates in Foods.