• Fragmented policy in SA food security

    The food system in South Africa is heavily influenced by the poorest social classes and the choices they make, despite much of the power being held by large corporations. This is one of the findings from the CoE in Food Security`s agro-food value chain, regulation and formal and informal livelihoods project, co-ordinated by Shane Godfrey and Gareth Haysom of UCT.
  • When it comes to grains‚ local is lekker

    “Rapid urbanisation in Africa has adversely affected people’s dietary choices; we are not eating that healthily any more‚” says Prof Duodu‚ who is part of the CoE in Food Security’s programme on Food Processing.
  • Analysis: Nutritional stunting and why SA is coming up short

    Nearly a third of South Africans (and over half of households in some provinces) receive at least one grant from the state, argues Dr Stephen Devereux
  • Almost 10 years of social grants fail to uplift stunted children

    A survey of children's weight and height - key indicators of nutritional health - by the CoE Food Security says "there has been very little improvement in the 20 years since the transition to democracy"...
  • Years of social grants fail to uplift stunted children

    Social grants, particularly child grants, don’t get spent solely on food for children says Professor Stephen Devereux, SARChI in Social Protection for Food Security
  • Why social grants are not eradicating malnutrition

    A national sigh of relief should follow the Constitutional Court ruling that ensures the uninterrupted payment of social grants in South Africa. And some praise might follow the slight increases in monthly social grant payments to more than 17 million South Africans...
  • Social grants not winning the child malnutrition battle in South Africa

    Social grants are a crucial component of South Africa’s fight against poverty and hunger. But they aren’t high enough, and social grants alone are not enough writes Stephen Devereux
  • SA kids remain 'chronically malnourished'

    At least a fifth of S'As children are chronically malnourished, even though almost two-thirds of minors receive a child-support grant, so said Professor Stephen Devereux.
  • Why South Africa’s social grants aren’t eradicating malnutrition

    Theoretically, any expansion of social assistance schemes should lead to improvements in food security indicators. Our research, conducted in conjunction with Maastricht University finds that this is the case in South Africa. And the minor increases in grant payments will not necessarily change the status quo.
  • Right to food must be put on state's menu

    All South Africans have the right to food - on paper. But the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Food Security researchers say alarm bells should be going off about food insecurity, and that civil society should be fighting harder for improvements.