• 3rd International Conference on Global Food Security

    Dr Aldo Stroebel of the NRF provides an overview of the upcoming 3rd International Global Food Security Conference
  • National School Feeding Workshop

    Interview with Prof Stephen Devereux, SARChI in Social Protection for Food Security, about the National School Feeding Workshop
  • How food-secure is South Africa?

    South Africa today is recognised as one of the most food secure countries on the continent of Africa. CoE affiliate, Professor Andries du Toit of PLAAS, UWC is interviewed
  • Experts to discuss the triple burden of malnutrition during the World Nutrition Congress at the University of the Western Cape

    Interview with Professor David Sanders on the impact of malnutrition
  • Prof. Julian May on the seriousness of food security in SA

    Interview with Professor Julian May, Director of the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Food Security during the 2016 National Science Week event held at the University of the Western Cape
  • Malnutrition and obesity threaten the health of South Africans and the economy as a whole

    Interview with Professors Rina Swart and David Sanders on the impact of the food system on obesity and nutrition.
  • South African diets comprised of too much sugar and carbs - A study by the CoE in Food Security

    A study funded by the Centre of Excellence in Food Security has revealed that most South Africans consume high-energy but nutrient-poor foods.
  • CoE study: Re-using farm waste to foster sustainable farming

    A study by the Centre of Excellence in Food Security has identified re-using farm waste as one way in which South Africa’s agriculture industry can begin to foster more sustainable practices.
  • Dr Bruno LOSCH (CIRAD / GovInn / UWC) speaking on the NEPAD Agricultural Atlas

    NEPAD Agricultural Atlas underscores the need for a more comprehensive approach to the dimensional changes the agricultural sector is facing.
  • CoE in Food Security researchers looking into enhancing crop productivity

    UWC’s Prof Ndiko Ludidi is working with the CoE in Food Security to develop crops that are productive, even under unfavourable conditions