Persistence of Child Malnutrition in South Africa (CHILDREN)

Tags: child nutrition, non communicable diseases, NCDs, stunting, food insecurity

While self-reported hunger of children has reduced in South Africa, stunting has remained high for a middle-income country, and largely unchanged since 1993. Similarly, the prevalence of some micronutrient deficiencies has improved, but not to the levels that would be expected given both South Africa’s wealth and the introduction of fortification and supplementation programmes.

In addition, overweight and obesity has emerged as a concern among children of primary-school-age, along with worrisome trends in associated non-communicable diseases (NCD) in early childhood. This programme seeks to identify trends, determinants and consequences of food insecurity for mothers and children in South Africa, as well as propose policy and innovative solutions to address these challenges.

The Pro  gramme Principal Investigator for this programme is Professor Julian May, the Director of the CoE at UWC.