Various forms of activism around food are flourishing in South Africa, and food security scholarship and policy research has the potential to engage with these in more sustained ways than has been the case to date.

Food Politics and Cultures: Humanities Approaches to Food (POLITICS)

This Programme explores human relationships to food, the power dynamics around food production and access and the meanings that food acquires in particular cultural and social contexts. A central preoccupation in South African humanities work focuses on how food is marketed and imagined in relation to social identities and lifestyle. Rigorous analysis and understanding of marketing and advertising in relation to identity-making is central to understanding how the current food regime works.

Humanities work has the potential to yield important analysis and records of the localised knowledges in particular contexts that address–either simultaneously or in strategically selective ways–the range of factors that compromise groups’ food security.

Another one’s bread

Indigenous knowledges

Professor Desiree Lewis

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Principal Investigators

Professor Desiree Lewis

Professor Desiree Lewis is based at UWC's Depertment of Women and Gender Studies. She has published and taught extensively on...

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