Journal Articles


Seasonal Food Insecurity among Farm Workers in the Northern Cape, South Africa

Authors: Stephen Devereux and Lauren Tavener-Smith

Journal: Nutrients



Can smallholder avocado production reduce poverty and improve food security through internal markets? The case of Giheta, Burundi

Authors: Cyriaque Hakizimana and Julian May

Journal: Forests, Trees and Livelihoods



Inhibition of NOS- like activity in maize alters the expression of genes involved in H2O2 scavenging and glycine betaine biosynthesis

Authors: Kyle Phillips, Anelisa Majola, Arun Gokul, Marshall Keyster, Ndiko Ludidi & Ifeanyi Egbichi

Journal: Nature



Drought and exogenous abscisic acid alter hydrogen peroxide accumulation and differentially regulate the expression of two maize RD22-like genes

Authors: Kyle Phillips & Ndiko Ludidi

Journal: Nature



Determinants and opportunities for commercial marketing of smallholder beef cattle in South Africa.

Authors: Marandure et al

Journal: African Journal of Range & Forage Science

DOI: 10.2989/10220119.2016.1235617


Healthcare Professional Shortage and Task-Shifting to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease: Implications for Low-and Middle-Income Countries.

Journal: Current cardiology reports, 17(12), 1-6

Cross-country research on the impact of multinational corporations In food systems: The case of South Africa, Mexico and Brazil.

Factors Associated with Excessive Body Fat in Men and Women: Cross-Sectional Data from Black South Africans Living in a Rural Community and an Urban Township.

Journal: PloS one, 10(10), e0140153.

Pathogenic and commensal E. coli from irrigation water show potential in the transmission of Extended-Spectrum and AmpC β-lactamases determinants to isolates from lettuce.

Journal: Microbial Biotechnology 8(3), 462–473