Understanding the National and Global Food System SYSTEMS


Professor Julian May:

An expert in Applied Poverty Reduction Assessment, Professor May has worked on options for poverty reduction including land reform, social grants, information technology and urban agriculture in Africa and in the Indian Ocean Islands.

Professor Lise Korsten:

An expert in food safety and regulatory control, Professor Lise Korsten developed South Africa's biological control agent for fruit and established a research group in sanitary and phytosanitary aspects of international trade.

Programme investigators

Professor Ernst Conradie

Professor Ernst Conradie is based at UWC's Department of Religion and Theology where he teaches systematic theology and ethics.

Professor Desiree Lewis

Professor Desiree Lewis is based at UWC's Depertment of Women and Gender Studies.

Dr Stephen Devereux

Dr Stephen Devereux is a Research Fellow and founding Director of the ‘Centre for Social Protection’ at the...

Professor Bruno Losch

Bruno Losch is currently co-director of the Center for the Study of Governance Innovation (GovInn), based at UWC

Professor Lise Korsten

Professor Lise Korsten is co-director of the CoE in Food Security, and is based at UP.

Professor Julian May

UWC based Professor Julian May, is director of the CoE in Food Security

Professor Rina Swart

UWC's Professor Rina Swart is a registered dietician as well as a registered nutritionist with the HPCSA.

Professor Frans Swanepoel

Professor Frans Swanepoel is a Research Fellow in Residence with focus on Future Africa at the Centre for Advancement of Scholarship at the University of Pretoria

Professor Andries du Toit

Professor Andries du Toit is Director of PLAAS at UWC.

Professor Naushad Emmambux

Professor Naushad Emmambux is based at UP's Department of Food Science.

Professor Ndiko Ludidi

Professor Ndiko Ludidi is head of UWC's Department of Biotechnology.



Funded Students

The CoE provides multiple opportunities for capacity development, mentoring and the pursuit of postgraduate studies through providing financial support for full time Honours, Masters, and PhD students as well as Post-Doctoral fellowships as part of its awards to projects. Bursaries and fellowships are subject to the standard NRF rules and procedures.

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