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Microscopics found on raw fruit essential to human health

Published March 22, 2022, by Tru-Cape

In this article by Tru-Cape, the DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Food Security (CoE-FS) co-director, Professor Lise Korsten, discusses the recently published study, “The microbiome and resistome of apple fruits alter in the post-harvest period”.

In it, Professor Korsten says “the study shows that the well-described beneficial microbes are prevalent on apples”:

From other studies, several species have been described as benefitting the gut microbiome contributing to health and wellness. So the old saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, is actually so true. In our paper, we showed these populations are prevalent on our locally-produced apples.

Read the full Tru-Cape article here: Microscopics found on raw fruit essential to human health

Download and read the journal article here: The microbiome and resistome of apple fruits alter in the post-harvest period

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