Professor Naushad Emmambux

Professor Naushad Emmambux

Professor Naushad Emmambux

Professor Naushad Emmambux is based at UP’s Department of Consumer and Food Science.

His research applies food chemistry, cereal science and technology, food rheology, microscopy and nanotechnology to tackling malnutrition and diet-related non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

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Effects of extrusion cooking and wheat bran addition on the nutritional and functional properties of cassava-defatted toasted soy composite

Author Oladiran, D.A., Emmambux, M.N. and Minnaar, A., 2016

Publication Starch - Stärke Volume 69, Issue 7-8

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Effects of micronisation and dehulling of pre-soaked bambara groundnut seeds on microstructure and functionality of the resulting flours

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Functionality of maize, wheat, teff and cassava starches with stearic acid and xanthan gum.

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