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Chefs as change-makers from the kitchen: indigenous knowledge and traditional food as sustainability innovations

Projections of a burgeoning population coupled with global environmental change offer an increasingly dire picture of the state of the world’s food security in the not-too-distant future. But how can we transform the current food system to become more sustainable, more equitable and more just? We identify kitchens as sites of transformative innovation in the food system where cooks and chefs can leverage traditional food knowledge about local food species to create delicious and nutritious dishes. Achieving a sustainable food system is a grand challenge, one where cooks in particular are stepping forward as innovators to find solutions.


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Food Systems Profile – South Africa: Catalysing the sustainable and inclusive transformation of food systems

Year of publication: 2022 Place of publication: Rome, Italy; Brussels, Belgium; Montpellier, France; Pages: #50 p. ISBN: 978-92-5-136209-9 Author: FAO, European Union, CIRAD By Country/Territory: South Africa Publisher: FAO; European Union ; CIRAD; Agrovoc: food systems; food consumption; sustainability; South Africa Abstract: Food systems are intimately linked to our ...


Policy Briefs
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Policy Briefs
Leveraging informal trade: Governance strategies to cultivate resilient, inclusive food economies

This policy brief explores ways in which government can support the informal economy. For a black and white, printer-friendly version of the policy brief, click here. For a full-colour PDF of the policy brief, download below.