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Data on prevalence and distribution of antimicrobial resistance determinants of Salmonella enterica isolates from the formal and informal meat sector

Foodborne pathogen such Salmonella enterica is a leading cause of
human gastroenteritis worldwide. The potential to cause more
severe and prolonged infection increases when the bacteria
harbour resistant gene. In this dataset, S. enterica PCR confirmed
isolates recovered from the formal (n ¼ 33) and informal (n ¼ 15)
meat sector were further tested against 15 antimicrobials and 20
resistance determinants using the disc-diffusion method on
Muller-Hinton agar and the genotypic antimicrobial resistance
determinants by PCR. In addition, multiple antimicrobial resistance
phenotype and the multiple antimicrobial resistance indexes were
shown. The data suggest that meat from the formal sector harbour
resistance capacity than meat from the informal sector.
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