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Digital storytelling for policy impact: perspectives from co-producing knowledge for food system governance in South Africa



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Investigating the South African food insecurity paradox: A systematic review of food system governance in South Africa

South Africa presents a paradox of a country which is nationally food secure, with a wealth of institutions and targeted food policies, a strong research system and developed social welfare programmes, but where under- and over-nutrition persist. This paradox has major consequences for the people and the economy, and the ...

Engaging civil society organisations in food security governance in the Western Cape: Reflections from emergency food relief during COVID

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, South Africa was experiencing a food crisis but this was deepened and made more visceral by the subsequent lockdown. Low-income households bore the brunt of this economic and social shock: 3 million jobs were lost; two in every five adults reported that their household lost its ...

Policy Briefs
Urban agriculture: Quick fix for urban food insecurity or site of struggle for deep, just food systems change?

This policy brief reflects on the complexities of urban agriculture and its place in addressing food insecurity and poverty. For a full-colour PDF of the policy brief, download below. For a black and white, printer-friendly version of the policy brief, click here.