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Social work and food security: Case study on the nutritional capabilities of the landfill waste pickers in South Africa

Food security (or the lack of it) has a direct impact on people’s well-being and is of great concern to many disciplines. The study on which the article is based used Drèze and Sen’s ‘nutritional capability’ concept as a theoretical framework to explain the food (in)security of landfill waste pickers. A cross-sectional research approach was followed, coupled with a triangulation mixed method research design. Viewing the waste pickers against the nutritional capability framework highlighted the important role that social work should play in focusing on people’s capabilities within their particular context.



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Food Systems Profile – South Africa: Catalysing the sustainable and inclusive transformation of food systems

Year of publication: 2022 Place of publication: Rome, Italy; Brussels, Belgium; Montpellier, France; Pages: #50 p. ISBN: 978-92-5-136209-9 Author: FAO, European Union, CIRAD By Country/Territory: South Africa Publisher: FAO; European Union ; CIRAD; Agrovoc: food systems; food consumption; sustainability; South Africa Abstract: Food systems are intimately linked to our ...


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Civil society organisations: CSOs should have a central role in food governance

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Policy Briefs
Leveraging informal trade: Governance strategies to cultivate resilient, inclusive food economies

This policy brief explores ways in which government can support the informal economy. For a black and white, printer-friendly version of the policy brief, click here. For a full-colour PDF of the policy brief, download below.