Seminar: ‘Corporate Fast Food Advertising Targeting Children’

Date: May 25, 2021
Time: 10:30
Venue: Online

CRITICAL FOOD STUDIES: Transdisciplinary Humanities Approaches


Virtual Seminar Series: Seminar 1

‘Corporate Fast Food Advertising Targeting Children’



  • Sheetal Bhoola (UKZN)
  • Desiree Lewis (UWC)
  • Lynn Mafofo (UWC)

This seminar is based on interdisciplinary research in cultural studies, anthropology and linguistics and is presented by CFS scholars at UWC and UKZN. It raises the way that a transnational corporate advertising industry, working in conjunction with the global food system, ruthlessly exploits children’s imaginative needs. By analysing advertising texts, it focuses on how persuasively global food marketing works. It also explores the abuse of the democratic principle of the “rights of the child” when advertisers manipulate children’s capacity to “choose” unhealthy fast food.

The seminar is directly relevant to recent efforts to pass long-delayed laws based on draft legislation to protect children from the unhealthy and exploitative global food systems. This seminar aims to:

  • Illustrate the relevance of trans-disciplinary work in food studies
  • Highlight the focus on social subjects’ active engagements with food in understanding current food systems and cultures
  • Focus on the need for critical approaches to economic, political and cultural systems in humanities work on food
  • Provoke ideas for further research for new researchers’ work on humanities-related food studies

Date and Time: May 25, 2021 10:30AM-12: 30 PM Johannesburg
Meeting ID: 937 5637 1160
Link (Zoom): https://uwc.zoom.us/j/93756371160
Link (Skype Business): https://uwc.zoom.us/skype/93756371160

Intra-institutional CFS Seminar Series


  • UWC: Dr. Lynn Mafofo, lmafofo@uwc.ac.za
  • UP: Dr.Heather Thuynsma, Heather.Thuynsma@up.ac.za
  • UKZN: Dr. Sheetal Bhoola, Bhoolas@ukzn.ac.za

Website: www.criticalfoodstudies.co.za

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