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Food security and safety to come under the spotlight at the 2017 Postharvest Pathology Symposium

Published November 25, 2016, by Mologadi Makwela

The 4th International Symposium on Postharvest Pathology takes place from 28 May – 3 June 2017 at the Skukuza camp, Kruger National Park.  “This is the first time that this prestigious symposium will be hosted in South Africa,” says symposium Chaiperson, Professor Lise Korsten of the University of Pretoria. Korsten is also Co-Director of the Centre of Excellence in Food Security.

The symposium will bring together the postharvest pathology researchers from across academic spheres and from around the globe to share their scientific research, develop new collaborations and strengthen existing networks.

“In particular, we hope to bring many new young scientists particularly from African Universities to participate with experienced colleagues and exchanging knowledge and ideas of postharvest pathology. We believe the exposure will encourage novel technology development, innovation and creative concepts in postharvest technology,” Korsten said.

Presentation themes will cover wide ranging topics including: Climate Change, Nanotechnology and Biosensors for real-time Postharvest Sollutions, Postharvest Food Safety for Food Security, as well as Industry and Government Perspective and Needs.

REGISTRATION is now open, and the ABSTRACT SUBMISSION deadline is EXTENDED to 15 December 2016. For more info, visit

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